Pumphouse Media presents
Seed Sucking Slut Boys

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Each beautifully shot scene features one dick sucking master down on his knee’s taking care of several guys needs at once. You’ll be impressed with how one man can handle so many dicks at a time, and the payoff is always big. At the end of each scene you’ll be treated to a lucky man’s face being drenched in buckets of hot sticky cum. The dick sucking takes place all over, from the back of a warehouse, to a couch and even in the gym.

Dante Naval, Kevin Martin, Brock Armstrong, Alex Matthews, Chase Foxxx, Dallas Reeves, Chasen Ashton, Crush Zane, Jacobs Ehtan, Pose Mario, Angel, RJ Cummings, Jake Lyons, Chad Andrews, Justin Cox, Trey Turner, and Jarrod Parks


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