Satyr Films’ Ream His Straight Throat 9

Gabriel gags on aggressive cock-throating

abriel does the best he can taking Rock's cock deep inside his throat. His face goes from composed to a complete wreck in a matter of minutes. His eyes are red and watery.

Rock and Gabriel make quite a pair. These two straight studs who have girlfriends have a real chemistry together. Rock was hired to throatfuck Gabriel only but midway through the scene these guys are so into each other that Rock shoves his fat cock deep inside Gabriel. Gabriel is really, sexy masculine guy who really can take a cock well.

Rock fucks and throatfucks Gabriel like a rag doll. But Gabriel ever the man pushes back. His holes are punched and stretched to their capacity. Rock inserts his cock back and forth between Gabriel’s mouth and his ass. When the finally hold back no more, Rock shoots his signature creamy load into Gabriel’s mouth. The load flies uncontrolled all over Gabriel’s face as well.